Your Path to Positive Results.

Process Improvement


The Conlon Group’s business and process improvement consultants provide a wide array of expertise to facilitate and manage your priority projects. From on-site coaching, to handling key tasks, to full-scale project responsibility, we can support your process improvement at the level of involvement that fits your needs and resource demands.  We help our clients to have a more positive answer to the following questions.

Does your current performance meet your customers’ expectations? 

Is there a performance gap between what your company’s leaders want to achieve and your organization’s ability to achieve it?

Do you want to increase productivity and profitability?

The Conlon Group’s approach to process improvement and Lean Six Sigma implementation is based on the premise that each organization is unique.  Our consultants, who have experience with numerous Lean Six Sigma initiatives, work side-by-side with your leadership team and staff to help you optimize returns, build short and long-term success, and align your efforts with current challenges.  Our approach is strategically centered, management driven, customer focused, and employee supported.

Process Improvement

During our initial assessment, together, we will identify a variety of issues that need to be improved in order for you to obtain your profit and growth goals.  These projects will focus on improving your business and execution processes to eliminate waste, reduce variation, reduce lead time, increase velocity through the process, lower costs, and achieve near perfect execution. 

In some instances, the problem and solution is known but resources are unavailable to implement the solution. Our consultants will manage the implementation of these projects for you.

In other instances, a critical issue is identified and the solution is unknown. If the issue is solvable in a short period of time, The Conlon Group will conduct a kaizen event that develops and implements a solution to your problem. These kaizen events are generally 5 days in duration.

Other issues will require a full lean six sigma project where our consultants will lead, manage, train your team in the applicable tools required to identify and solve these critical issues along with a successful implementation.

We also provide training of the process and the tools of Lean Six Sigma for those organizations that wish to manage their process improvement themselves.

Please see our Opportunity Assessment page about obtaining your road map for improvements.

We are certified by the Total Quality Institute, an international network of skilled professionals who provide a comprehensive, customized, and results-oriented approach to continuous improvement, planning, and implementation. 

The Conlon Group’s consultants provide strategic planning, supply chain, leadership development and coaching, lean manufacturing and six sigma training and consulting to improve the return on your investments. Take advantage of our Opportunity Assessments to discover your path to improvement.